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California Community Economic Development Association (CCEDA) empowers organizations serving people of color, and others, to create economic opportunity and social equity in low to moderate income communities.

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A socially just and economically equitable California.

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Social Justice

CCEDA promotes racial, economic, and environmental justice.

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CCEDA is trustworthy, transparent, and acts with the highest integrity in finance, governance, and grant management.

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CCEDA seeks to advance members and communities through education, training, technical assistance, and leadership development.

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CCEDA responds to changing needs by visibly advocating for effective public policy and actively collaborating with member organizations, government, and funders.

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CALIFORNIA COMMUNITY ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT ASSOCIATION (CCEDA) serves as a clearinghouse for information and action that advances the field of community economic development through training and continuing education, technical assistance, and advocacy on public policy.

All CCEDA’s activities serve our membership — organizations actively engaged in revitalizing California’s neighborhoods, including resident driven community development corporations, local governments, community action agencies and faith based institutions. CCEDA members produce results through a full range of community building strategies including real estate development-housing, retail and commercial-business assistance and lending, social services, and job training and creation.

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Over $9M in loans & grants to small businesses.

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Call to Action: Help low-income CA Lifeline subscribers keep benefits!

The CA Lifeline program offers low-income Californians assistance for wireless telecom services (cell phones and broadband internet). However, a recent proposed decision by the CPUC would eliminate this subsidy for many Californians who need it.

The importance of access to high quality wireless telecom and internet services has skyrocketed since the COVID-19 pandemic. These services are necessary for education, employment, paying bills, navigating healthcare, and paying taxes.

We believe the CPUC should be maximizing these services for low-income Californians, especially in these times of rising inflation that has eroded their wages. The CPUC is trying to restrict these subscribers from being able to combine their California LifeLine benefit with the ACP benefit.


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