SB 1208: One Application System for Low-Income Programs

One application should be enough!

California has an estimated 4.1 million individuals living below 200% Federal Poverty Level, yet, many programs for low-income people remain under-enrolled

Currently, low-income individuals and families are burdened with proving their eligibility for these programs multiple times over. They, effectively, have to repeatedly prove they are poor on various applications, which makes accessing these programs difficult for the most vulnerable in our communities, the very people that need access

SB 1208 would use our 21st century technology to improve program enrollment and delivery. Specifically, it asks the California Utilities Commission and Public Utilities to:

  • Maximize data sharing during the application process to facilitate the overall enrollment process for individuals and families
  • Use existing third-party verifiers to work on low-income programs across the all services—right now they are limited to just the telephonic industry.

SB 1208 will facilitate the application process across electricity, water, gas, telephone and other utility sectors and in addition save programs administrative dollars and staff time. Please help support this effort by placing the template letter of support below on your letterhead, and sending a signed copy to

Bill Author Senator Ben Hueso


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