Exemplary Practices/Case Studies

Exemplary Practices/Case Studies

By viewing the case studies on this website, you agree to respect the proprietary information provided by each organization. The case studies are protected by copyright law, and all rights are reserved by the California Community Economic Development Association. The information presented here may not, under any circumstances, be resold or redistributed in any form for compensation of any kind without prior written permission from the owner. The contents of the case studies are presented as a matter of information only. Nothing herein should be construed as providing legal, tax, or financial advice.

The case studies capture information about recent exemplary practices, programs, and projects. For those new to community economic development or new to a specific sector of community economic development, the case studies can provide inspiration and real data about projects that really work. For seasoned professionals, the case studies provide information on cutting edge technologies related to project development, innovative partnerships, and new financing structures.

The case studies are organized by project type. Click the project category to see the list of available case studies. Click the name of the organization to see the organization’s profile. Click the project name to view the project case study.

Alternatively, click here to view the list of organizations alphabetically. Case studies are listed under each organization.

CCEDA plans to continue to add and expand the case studies in order to provide information on a wide variety of CED project types. Learn more about the California Community Economic Development Exemplary Practices Project here.

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