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To request Technical Assistance, submit the TA Request Sheet for review.

CCEDA is a California based non-profit organization and is able to provide direct CED technical assistance to non-profit CED organizations throughout the country through grants we have obtained from the public and private sector. Our technical assistance activities include:

  • Organizational and capacity analysis/recommendations
  • Project conceptualization and planning
  • Preliminary concept development (concept papers)
  • Assistance in forming pre-development or development teams
  • Business and program plans
  • Identification of resources or additional technical assistance
  • Preliminary project financial structuring and initial project proformas
  • Review and recommendations of project proformas
  • Preliminary negotiations for site acquisition
  • Preliminary negotiations for financing
  • Any assistance in moving projects along that might be “stuck” somewhere in the development process.

Depending on sources of our financing, CCEDA can provide additional more extensive technical assistance that can include:

  • Funding/financing applications
  • Site acquisition and negotiations
  • Financial structuring, negotiations and closing

If sources are not available for more detailed assistance, in specific cases CCEDA will build expenses for the extensive services into the actual project budget, which will only be paid if the project financing closes. 

To request Technical Assistance, submit the TA Request Sheet for review.

CCEDA offers training for community economic development practitioners. The areas of training are organizational development, strategic community economic development issues, and project based development issues.

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Previous training sessions include:

  • Organizational Development
  • Overview of Organizational Development Issues
  • Legal Structures
  • Board Structure / Diversity
  • Mission Statement Organizational Goals
  • Finance
  • Fundraising
  • Staff Capacity and Staff Competencies
  • Strategic Plan, 1-5 Year Plans, Business Plans
  • Strategic CED Issues
  • Introduction to Community Economic Development
  • Organizational Structure
  • Survey of Real Estate Development Activities
  • Survey of Business Development Strategies
  • Short and Long Term CED Strategies
  • Developing a Neighborhood Strategies
  • Management and Structure of the Development Team
  • Project Based Development Issues
  • Current Trends in CED
  • Market Analysis for CED
  • Small Business Financial Analysis
  • Lenders Forum
  • Financial Resources
  • What Lenders are Looking For
  • Overview of Underwriting and Financial Structuring
  • Lenders Underwriting
  • Overview of Homeownership Activities
  • Homeownership Development
  • Homeownership Marketing
  • Rental Development
  • Bond Financing For Rental Housing
  • 501 C 3 Financing for Multi-Family Acquisition and Rehab
  • 15 Year Closeout of 9% Tax Credit Deals
  • Negotiating Best Prices for Acquisition
  • Child Care Facilities
  • Health Care Facilities
  • Charter Schools
  • 501 C 3 Financing for Commercial and Office
  • New Markets Tax Credit
  • Commercial Retail
  • Commercial Office

To request Technical Assistance, submit the TA Request Sheet for review.


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