Joining CCEDA

CCEDA members serve California’s communities through a full range of community building strategies including housing, retail and commercial real estate development, business assistance and lending, social services, and jobs training and creation. Our members are community development corporations (CDCs), community development financial institutions (CDFIs), local governments, community action agencies, faith-based institutions and many other organizations actively involved in revitalizing California’s neighborhoods. CCEDA provides its members a clearinghouse for information and action. Several of the benefits membership in CCEDA provides are as follows:

  • E-bulletins on urgent issues, opportunities and legislation affecting the CED field
  • A web site that provides current information on the CED field
  • Monthly newsletters
  • Free and/or discounted specialized training
  • Our famous CED Dictionary!
  • Discounted conference registration
  • Professional networking opportunities
  • Information on available funding
  • Technical assistance with projects
  • Advocacy on issues affecting the CED community


You will definitely want to take advantage of our many training courses and conferences that will help you keep your skills current as you take advantage of the extensive expertise of trainers, speakers and presenters. In 2019 we held Fund Development trainings, including development finance and market analysis, and held Climate Adaption workshops focusing on the climate change challenges facing low income communities and how our communities can be more resilient to global warming. In addition, CCEDA has completed case studies and action plans for CDCs and others to address homelessness and the need for more shelter and housing for the most vulnerable of populations.


In 2020, CCEDA is addressing the growing needs of community organizations to secure real estate, for themselves and for their programs. And CCEDA is developing legislation to address the need for more financial and technical support to California CDCs and CDFIs, who are seeking millions to capitalize underserved communities, businesses and organizations.


If you want to become a member or continue your membership in an organization that enhances your growth and leadership, fosters the advancement of a vibrant and healthy community economic development field, provides access to a professional network of individuals who are making a difference in California’s communities, and promotes the development and dissemination of worthy information, ideas, common goals and practices in the CED field – you should definitely become a member or renew your membership in CCEDA today.


Organization ($100) – for community development corporations, community action agencies, community development financial institutions and affordable housing organizations.

Low Income Individual (Free) – for persons who meet the federal poverty guidelines

Individual ($60) – for community economic development and related professionals.

Associate ($175) – for interested organizations such as foundations, corporations, research institutes, technical assistance providers, and local and state jurisdictions, departments, etc

Corporate ($350) – for interested private sector corporations and businesses, such as financial institutions, large companies, and small businesses.

To join CCEDA, please fill out this online form and submit your membership dues to:

California Community Economic Development Association

205 S Broadway Los Angeles, CA 90012