About the Case Studies

About the Case Studies

In 2010, CCEDA embarked on the yearlong California Community Economic Development Exemplary Practices Project to identify and gather information about exemplary case studies in community economic development. Funding for the case studies was provided by the Community Services Block Grant Training and Technical Assistance Program – State Exemplary Practices Projects, through California/Nevada Community Action Partnership.

CCEDA worked with experts in the field to create a set of assessment standards in 20 different areas that served as templates for the case studies. View the Assessment Standards here.

CCEDA then worked with organizations to profile their exemplary community economic development projects and programs. After an extensive process of gathering and verifying data, case studies were finalized and available for viewing on this website. CCEDA completed a second round of case studies in 2012/2013.

The case studies capture information about recent exemplary practices, programs, and projects. You can view actual case studies that mirror the specific needs of your target population. If you’re new to community economic development, you can be inspired by case studies about projects that really work. If you’re a seasoned professional, you can learn about cutting edge technology related to project development, innovative partnerships and new financing structures.


For their input and assistance with the case studies, CCEDA would like to thank the following individuals and organizations:

Irfan Ahmed, CCEDA Intern
Anthony Bermudez, McCormack Baron Salazar Development
Louis Bernardy, McCormack Baron Salazar Development, Inc.
Susie Brusa, Rancho Cielo
Paul Cho, Illumination Foundation
PJ Davis, Community Action Partnership of Solano
Jane Duong, National Coalition for Asian Pacific American Community Development
Megan Folland, Abode Communities
Ron Fong, Asian Pacific Islander Small Business Program
Arielle Galeon, CCEDA Intern
Kirsten Grimm, Coalition for Responsible Community Development
Alexander Holsheimer, Thai Community Development Center
Robin Hughes, Abode Communities
Scott Ito, LTSC Community Development Corporation
Debra Jackson, Community Action Partnership of Riverside County
John Jepson, Central Valley Opportunity Center
Drene Johnson, Community Action Napa Valley
Maria Y. Juarez, Community Action Partnership of Riverside County
Gregg Keesling, Recycleforce
Stella Kim, CCEDA Intern
Jeff Malin, Central City Development Group / Los Angeles Housing Partnership
Kya Marina-Le, CCEDA Intern
Ralph Martinez, Community Action Partnership of Kern
Chancee Martorell, Thai Community Development Center
Paul McClain Lugowski, Fresno Economic Opportunity Commission
Erich Nakano, LTSC Community Development Corporation
Chris Nguyen, CCEDA Intern
Danielle Novokolsky, CCEDA Intern
Stephanie Neumann, Community Action Agency of Butte County
Enrique Ovando, AnewAmerica Community Corporation
Cheryl Petersen, Rancho Cielo
Antonio Pizano, Pacoima Development Federal Credit Union
Asma Rasikh, CCEDA Intern
Lara Regus, Abode Communities
Frank Ruiz, Community Service & Employment Training, Inc
Thomas Schaper, CCEDA Intern
Rhonda Shipley, Recycleforce
Mary Silverstein, Los Angeles Housing Partnership
Bo Sivanunsakul, Thai Community Development Center
Grant Sunoo, Coalition for Responsible Community Development
Takao Suzuki, LTSC Community Development Corporation
Aiko Tan, Illumination Foundation
Lynda Timbers, Project GO, Inc.
Sherilyn Tran, National Coalition for Asian Pacific American Community Development
Bill Watanabe, LTSC Community Development Corporation
Angelina Yu, Chinatown Community Development Center